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How to Buy Facebook Likes Reviews ?

How to Buy Facebook Likes Reviews ?

A large number of companies are using services to buy Facebook fans and likes to increase their social proof. They try and use these types of companies to get a guaranteed number of extra likes. There are a large number of these companies out there – some of them are good Facebook marketing agencies and actually deliver real Facebook fans and provide good customer service. However, many of the Facebook providers are worthless scams and are very low quality services; they’re located in foreign countries; and they only deliver fake likes that do nothing to enhance your business and even unlike your page a short time later.

How to Buy Facebook Likes Reviews To save you energy, we’ve put together a to-the-point review site where you can find out what the best companies for buying Facebook fans and likes are and which ones are scams that should be avoided. Please submit your own reviews and share them with the community if you’ve had a good or bad experience with a social media marketing company that claims to get you a guaranteed number of extra likes. Between the reviews here and your own best judgement, you can buy likes on Facebook safely and effectively and help increase the number of likes on your band, startup, or small business pages.

How To Successfully Buy Real Facebook Fans & How these Companies Work

Here’s a few inside secrets most Facebook Fans suppliers don’t want you to know, but they will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run:

  1. Be cautious about buying Facebook likes when the company doesn’t have a phone number or at least a live chat widget or some measure of real-time customer service. There’s a reason they don’t want to chat with people – everybody is likely unhappy with their service. Plus, they are likely located in a 3rd world country and they are selling fake.
  2. If the price “sounds too good to be true” IT IS! No legitimate Facebook Fans supplier can deliver 1,000 real fans for just $8. They will all be fake likes that leave your page and possibly get it banned.
  3. Be cautious of sites that have customer testimonials on their home pages – that is more likely to be fake than not. Nobody wants to write real reviews in this space as nobody wants anyone to know they actually bought fans, therefore the reviews are fake!
  4. When you buy likes and see weird anomalies on the pages – if you see weird profile pictures of celebrities or cartoon characters or if you see the same profile pictures on more than one profile or if men are listed as women then you can be sure that all the Facebook fans being delivered are fake!
  5. If you submit a contact request to a Facebook fans supplier before ordering to get some questions answered, and they do not respond or they respond in broken English then you are buying fans from the wrong website, and they will surely get fake fans to your page!
  6. If you have already purchased Facebook fans and you are receiving little to no likes or comments on your fan page then rest assured you got fake Facebook fans. Real and genuine fans and likes are more likely to comment on your page.

If you want to build your social media foundation the right way make sure to buy Facebook likes from a legitimate supplier, do your homework and deal with a company you can talk to. Would you let a dentist without a phone number put a drill into your mouth?

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